First let me give you a big thanks for dropping by and for your curiosity about me.
I am born in Indonesia, now I am 30 years old, time moves in super-speed-light right? (he.he.he).

I was first introduce to internet in 1997, with huge passion in computer hardware since in 7th grade (i burn my first PC!) still doesn’t make me an expert in IT, there are alot to learn.
Now i am working with some webmaster to design and maintain website, promoting product, creating marketing network and so on. And yes, i am a freelance.

History of this website:
This website is my another project, actually it’s born in wordpress blog and surprisingly there’re alot of people come and visit my blog and hit rank 250.000 in alexa.
A few months later, people at wordpress suspend my blog accusing me for violating one of their Terms of Agreement. Of course i send my objection to wordpress, but there are no respond for 1 month. So i decided to move to hosting company and then Daftarperusahaanindonesia.com were born.

This website present information thousands of company address in Indonesia. I separated all information by province categories. If you like to search company by industries try search tool. It’s from Google custom search.
We always can be reach at: